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Naressa Electronic Callus Remover 

UPC- 738759842229

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The all new Naressa electronic foot callus remover is available to purchase on Amazon now! The team at Naressa have engineered a Callus Remover that is just as easy to use as it is effective! Designed to give you beautiful smooth feet the Naressa Callus remover glides effortlessly over your skin removing dead or dry skin.

Naressa Electronic Callus Remover – Replacement Heads

UPC- B019104DBQ

naressa, callus remover, replacement heads

Pack includes 4 extra coarse replacement heads suitable for the Naressa Callus Remover. Replace each head with a simply push and click motion.

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Why is Footcare Important? 

When it comes to pampering, beauty and hygiene we often leave our feet to last or sometimes even forget them! This simply shouldn’t be the case. Having clean and healthy feet can have a huge impact on your everyday life.

If you do not take the time to care for your feet you run the risk of large calluses, corns and even cracked heels appearing. This can not only becoming very painful to walk on but can also cause bad odours and restrict you from common exercises such as running and walking.

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